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The ECO Heating Range runs on just 2.3 kwh of electricity per day and can be run free of charge when combined with Solar PV.

The lowest cost of all renewable heating systems such as Air to Air and Air to Water with outputs to match both systems, with lower installation costs and quicker payback periods

The ECO Renewable Heating Range is a product which has been widely used in the Scandinavian regions for many years. Working on the basic principals of reusing waste heat from inside your home to then reheat water to heat your home, essentially you can now heat your home with no ongoing fuel bills. Essentially the ECO system works on the basic principals of a fridge although the process is enlarged and reversed.

The ECO system can heat between 300-450 litres of water to constant temperature of 55̊ C through the use of the wasted heat inside your home. The system must be incorporated correctly into the current heating system of the home and an extensive survey is required to establish viability of the product due to size and weight. With water heated to 55̊ C and through the use of thermostatic radiator valves and an independent room thermostat the ECO system is capable of maintaining a home to 21̊ C through the use of waste heat and electricity alone.

To begin the process we would send one of our experienced heating engineers to assess the installation and advise you on the best most practical solution to the reduction of your homes ongoing heating costs.

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